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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of paper stocks are available?

Paper Stock

Stock is a term used to describe specifications for paper such as thickness (or weight), size, type and opacity. It is often designated by the manufacturer or mill's name and weight. Stock weights are consistent within the industry so no matter where you have your printing done the thickness will always be the same.

Cover Stock versus Text or Book

There are mainly two types of stock, cover and book (also called text). Book (or text) stock is what is commonly used for pages in magazines, flyers, and brochures. Cover stock is a thicker heavier paper used for brochures, postcards and magazine covers. It is measured in lbs but can also be measured in pt (points).

80lb, 100lb, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt

This signifies the thickness or weight of the paper. The higher the weight the heavier the paper is to the touch. A common offset paper at a 60lb thickness is similar to a 24lb bond that you would find in a local office supply store. An 80lb or 100lb book (text) weight is perfect for a brochure, flyer, or the interior catalog pages.

10 pt (point), 12 pt and 14pt are another way tomeasure thicker, heavier stocks. Business cards and postcards can be printed on a range of papers but a 14 pt stock is our recommendation. It's durable and will make a lasting impression over thinner stocks that bend easily. When selecting full colour printing select at least an 80lb book weight for your brochures and flyers so that the colours and images don't show through the other side when held up against the light.

For more information, see What paper stock should I select for my job?

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